• ​​Creative Eights. These are Mastermind groups facilitated by COA's creative career coach, Dr. Lynn Waldorf. Discussions cover solutions to current challenges in art making, art marketing and living the creative life.  The 90-minute sessions take place in person or by internet. 

​          Testimony: "When I joined our group, I had no idea that I really needed to promote and sell more work!                                         I re-learned that my lack of organization was my biggest form of self-sabotage. I have started                                     planning and setting goals daily and weekly. The result?  Many sales during the last studio tour.                                   Progress is great!" - Nancy Meyrick, Photographer

Solitude is a profoundly enriching experiencing and is usually necessary for creating high quality visual art.  Too much solitude or separation translates into isolation, which can block creativity. COA promotes ways to balance artistic solitude with gaining meaningful support from peers and the greater art community. 


Sandy Kaplan

  • Violet Hours. These fun, social artist meet-ups are typically held at local restaurants. An exhibiting artist or art world professional shares career tips with time for Q&A, then the remaining time is devoted to connecting with kindred spirits. 

          ASPEN: Thursday May 25, 5-7pm Justice Snow's.  
 Friday, June 23, 5-7pm, Sammy's Rocky Mountain Steakhouse 

          DENVER: TBA

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