Sandy Kaplan

Arts in Society. Arts in Society is a collaborative grant-making program established by Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, Hemera Foundation and Colorado Creative Industries in partnership with RedLine Contemporary Art Center. The program is designed to build capacity for social justice projects that implement artistic excellence to engage social issues. 

COA Creative Grants. As contributions from our supporters allow, COA makes juried grants available to visual artists who live and work in Colorado to support the creation and exhibition of new works. Supply grants are also commonly awarded each year.  If you are a donor, please contact for more information on how to support this program.


 PROVIDing artists with resources to develop and sustain THEIR ART MAKING careers


Telluride Small Grants for Artists. Small grants support the innovation, creativity and professional development of individual artists living or working in Telluride. Funds support individual artists working in the visual, media, performing and literary arts. Artist projects may include (but are not limited to) the development, creation, completion or presentation of new work; and professional development such as conferences, workshops, residencies, and classes. Funded by the Town of Telluride.